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Sapphire Platinum EW
SAPPHIRE PLATINUM: Grade 2 English willow cricket bat. Excellent package of drive and pickup. Deliberately bowed blade to give extra punch to the drive. Oval, three rubber spring manau cane handle.
Autocrat Gold EW
AUTOCRAT GOLD: Grade 3 English willow cricket bat. Mid sweet spot with thick amd contoured edges to give extra punch and feel. Lightly made scoops on back to make it lighter.Round bottom three spring cane handle.
Hallmark Gold EW
HALLMARK GOLD: Grade 3 English willow qaulity cricket bat, huge profile, extra thick edges. Meant for players who believe in Raw Power. Bat weighs minimum 2lbs14oz. Extreme Punch in the blade. Manau cane three spring rubber round hanlde.
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Autocrat Silver EW
AUTOCRAT SILVER: Geninue selected English willow cricket bat. Mid sweet spot with thick amd contoured edges to give extra punch and feel. Lightly made scoops on back to make it lighter. Round bottom three spring cane handle.
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Autocrat Bronze EW
AUTOCRAT BRONZE: Geninue English willow front clear grains face and back painted covered. Mid sweet spot with thick amd contoured edges to give extra punch and feel. Lightly made scoops on back to make it lighter. Round bottom three spring cane handle.
Sterling Bat
STERLING: Traditional shape cricket bat made of selected quality Kashmir willow. Natural finish Lowered sweet spot with thick and contoured edges to give extra punch and feel. Round bottom two spring cane handle.
STEEL:- Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat. Deliberately bowed blade in traditional/conventional shape. All cane two spring round bottom handle. Natural or bleach finish.
OPAL:- Indian wood painted bat with wooden handle, recommended for play with soft PVC, rubber, sponge or tennis ball.
Cricket Ball Hallmark
HALLMARK: Top grade imported English or Australian Alum tanned leather, Grade 'A' 8 layer, cork and wool centre, wax finish, 6-ply waxed thread stitching.
Cricket Ball Royal Crown
ROYAL CORWN: Top quality Alum tanned leather cricket ball Grade 'A' 8-layer cork and wool centre, 6 ply flexed thread stitching.
Special County
SPECIAL COUNTY: Alum tanned grade 'A' Cricket ball, readymade compressed cork centre, machine stitching, wax finish.
Super Test
SUPER TEST: Alum tanned grade 'A' 5 layer hand made centre white stitching, wax finish.
Bowler Trainer
BOWLER TRAINER: Dual colour 2 piece leather bowlers training ball.
SHIELD: Veg tanned leather cricket ball, 2layers cork & wool center.
MATCH: Economical 2 piece leather cover cricket ball.
Commend A Ball
COMMENDABALL : PVC softy machine stitched cricket ball available in single colors red, yellow, white, orange and in dual colors also.
SWINGER: Swing ball half rubber & half tennis.
FIRE: Poly hollow light weight cricket balls in assorted single colours.
SPARK: Poly hollow light weight dual colour cricket ball one side light and other side heavy for swing.
Batting Legguard Autocrat Diamond
AUTOCRAT DIAMOND: Batting pad with high quality leather skin instep, hat pad and soft velcro leather straps , PU on front with canes, pre-shapped shin, high level protection, light weight.
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Batting Legguard Sapphire Platinum
SAPPHIRE PALTINUM: Batting pad, PU front, leather instep, special printed soft hat pad , three part shin for high protection and comfort, soft straps, light weight.
Batting Legguard Autocrat Gold
AUTOCRAT GOLD: Batting pad with PU flat special design front, hat pad and soft velcro straps, three part soft shin boster, transfer printed soft hat pad, up market morden style design, high protection, light weight.
Batting Legguard Hallmark Gold
HALLMARK GOLD: Xtra light batting pad three part shin boster, PU cane front seven bars comfortable and high protection, transfer printed soft hat pad.
Batting Legguard Autocrat Silver
AUTOCRAT SILVER: Batting pad, PVC flat front light weight, 7 bars up market design with ecnomical price. 2" velcro straps bottom and middle.
Batting Pad Autocrat Bronze
AUTOCRAT BRONZE: PVC front canes up ward batting pad with three part light weight boster. Bottom and middel 2" velcro straps.
Batting Legguard Sterling
STERLING:- Traditional batting pad PVC with canes on front, Dual wing, Kapok padded, three part shin foam bolsters and both legs hat pads. Middle and bottom 2" straps.
STEEL: PVC dual wing economically budget batting pads with twin shin and knee bolsters centre 2" straps.
OPAL: PVC straight batting pad, kapok fill shin bolster.
Autocrat Diamond
AUTOCRAT DIAMOND: All Leather, sausage fingers, embossed sheep leather palm, soft feel for comfort, fibre and overlay fingers for high protection, leather cuff velcro tab.
Sapphire Platinum
SAPPHIRE PLATINUM: PU Fingers, light weight, embossed sheep leather palm, soft feel for comfort, thick stylish overlay fingers for high protection amd high market design, sweat band velcro tab.
Autocrat Gold
AUTOCRAT GOLD: PU Fingers multi split fingers, embossed leather palm, soft feel with very upmarket and elite protection, comfortable sweat band with velcro tab.
Hallmark Gold
HALLMARK GOLD: PU sausages finguers for comfort & protection, distictive design, natural calf leather palm, soft feel padding and velcro tab.
Autocrat Silver
AUTOCRAT SILVER: PVC Fingers, multi split gloves for good protection as well as grip for a mid range batting glove. Soft feel padding with sweat band and velcro tab.
Autocrat Bronze
AUTOCRAT BRONZE: PVC fingers batting glove, sausages split finger padded fingers, leather palm with combination of cotton lining.
STERLING: PVC light weight, leather palm batting glove with 2" Velcro sweat band.
STEEL: PVC sausage batting glove, cotton re-inforced palm, sweat band.
OPAL: Traditional style batting glove with cotton palm, 2" velcro elastic closure and bend PVC fingers.
Autocrat Gold WKP
AUTOCRAT GOLD: Molded 2 part, PU front WK Pad, soft padded shin bolster.
Sterling WKP
STERLING: PVC front, traditional style kapok padded WK pad with twin foam shin bolster.
Autocrat Gold WKG
AUTOCRAT GOLD: All leather WK gloves, calf leather lining square cuff Octopus rubber palm for high grip. (can also be made in round cuff on demand).
Sterling WKP
STERLING: Synthetic leather glove high grip rubber palm.
Autocrat Diamond
AUTOCRAT DIAMOND: Leather front, contoured shape thigh guard with towelling inner. Elasticated towelled closure with velcro.
Autocrat Gold
AUTOCRAT GOLD: High density Molded thigh guard with multi color design. Elsticated closure with velcro.
Auotcrat Sliver
AUOTCRAT SILVER: Cotton fabric covered thigh guard, with combo padding. Velcro closure. RH & LH different construction.
STERLING: Fabric covered, ambidextrous thigh guard with nitlone padding, fibre proTection for men size.
Auotcrat Gold
AUOTCRAT GOLD: Molded high density EVA, towel lined arm guard. Sweat band velcro.
STERLING: Sleeve type arm guard nitlone with nylon fabric cover.
All Chamois Leather
All chamois leather padded palm, keeper inner gloves.
Half Chamois Leather
Half Chamois leather, padded palm wicket keepers inner gloves.
All Cotton, Padded Palm
All cotton, padded palm, wicket keepers inner gloves.
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