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Abdominal Guard Pro
Abdominal guard, Pro.
Abdominal Guard, Standard
Abdominal Guard, standard.
All Chamois Leather
All chamois leather padded palm, keeper inner gloves.
All Cotton, Padded Palm
All cotton, padded palm, wicket keepers inner gloves.
Auotcrat Gold
AUOTCRAT GOLD: Molded high density EVA, towel lined arm guard. Sweat band velcro.
Auotcrat Sliver
AUOTCRAT SILVER: Cotton fabric covered thigh guard, with combo padding. Velcro closure. RH & LH different construction.
Autocrat Diamond
AUTOCRAT DIAMOND: Leather front, contoured shape thigh guard with towelling inner. Elasticated towelled closure with velcro.
Autocrat Gold
AUTOCRAT GOLD: High density Molded thigh guard with multi color design. Elsticated closure with velcro.
Autograph Bat
Miniature autograph bat, 15".
Autograph Bat FS
Autograph bat, full size.
Bat Maintenance Kit
BAT MAINTENANCE KIT containing, heavy bat mallet, grip applicator, two rubber grips, fibre facing, fibre cotton, and linseed oil, packed in a soft display box.
Bat Mallet, Ball With Stick.
Bat mallet, ball with stick.
Batting Inners
All cotton, batting inner gloves.
Chest Guard
CHEST GUARD: Molded high density foam, towel lining.
Coaching Bat
COACHING BAT: Kashmir willow, two rubber cane handle, short blade, ideal for catch practicing.
Cricket Coaching Mat
Cricket Coaching Mat 3mx3m. All the possible fielding positions.
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Cricket Helmet Autocrat
Cricket Helmet AUTOCRAT: Top quality, cloth covered, conforming to high standard regulations
Cricket Helmet Hallmark
Cricket Helmet HALLMARK: New and exciting design of cricket helmet, safety approved by as per 89/686/EEC directive.
Cricket Helmet Sterling
Cricket Helmet STERLING: Cloth covered, cricket helmet foam and net cushioning.
Grip Applicator
Grip applicator, wooden cone with metal collar.
Half Chamois Leather
Half Chamois leather, padded palm wicket keepers inner gloves.
Heavy Bat Mallet, Wooden.
Heavy Bat Mallet, wooden.
Indoor Bat
Selected Kashmir willow Indoor cricket bat.
Indoor Batting Glove
Cotton fabric, padded back palm, sweat band closure, Leather palm.
Indoor Wicket Keepers Glove
All leather, indoor wicket keepers gloves, velcro closure, ribbed rubber facing.
Inner Thigh Guard
INNER THIGH GUARD:- EVA covered with cloth.
MCC Stumps
Cricket Turf stumps MCC, 31" (28" OOG), Indian wood. Set of 6 with bails.
Metal Stump
Metal Stump set (one end).
Rubber Bat Grips Premium
Rubber bat grips, Spiral & Octopus design. Assorted Colors
Rubber Bat Grips Standard
Rubber bat grips, assorted single or multi colour and assorted patterns.
Rubber Toe Guard Kit
Rubber Toe guard kit, containing two toe guards, sand paper and adhesive.
Shin Guard
SHIN GUARD: Shell type construction high protection shin guard, covered with padding for close in fielders.
Skill Bat
SKILL BAT: Kashmir willow, two rubber cane handle skill improvement narrow training bat.
STERLING: Fabric covered, ambidextrous thigh guard with nitlone padding, fibre proTection for men size.
STERLING: Sleeve type arm guard nitlone with nylon fabric cover.
Stump Mallet
Stump mallet, wooden, one side flat and one side round.
Sun Hat
Sun Hat. White color, one embriodray logo.
Target Stump
Target stump (Single plastic stump), spring loaded spiked metal base, bright color.
Wooden Spring Return Stumps
Wooden Spring return stumps. metal, heavy base single side.
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