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Performance Aerobic Glove
Performance Aerobic Glove:- PU cover padding, training / aerobic boxing glove, velcro tab closure. S..
Performance Bag
Performance Bag:- Single sided coated nylon fabric material bag, Single or Double color. Size: 12..
Performance Bag Mitt
Performance Bag Mitt:- Suede leather, foam padded mitt for speed bags/punching bags. Size XL, L,M,S...
Performance Body Pad
Performance Body Pad:- Body pad made in PU and padded with medium density foam, channeled design for..
Performance Boxing Robes
Performance Boxing Robes:- Professional quality boxers' robes made in very superior satin fabric, no..
Performance Boxing Shoes
Performance Boxing Shoes:- Boxing shoes, high ankle, PU and netting...
Performance Cardio Glove
Performance Cardio Glove:- PU cover cardio glove with foam padding and padded thumb. Size XL, L, M...
Performance F2C Ball
Performance F2C Ball:- High velocity shine PU, laminated, F2C ball, without straps. Size 10"..
Performance Glove
Performance Glove:- PU cover foam padded sparring glove, wider cuff with elasticated closure. Size 1..
Performance Groin Protection
Performance Groin Protection:- PU groin guard with suede leather lining. Size regular...
Performance Gym Belt
Performance Gym Belt:- All leather 4" padded gym belt. Size 4”...
Performance Gym Glove
Performance Gym Glove:- Nylon back, leather palm, weight lifting / gym gloves, elastic cuff, padded ..
Performance Head Guard
Performance Head Guard:- Buff leather cheek and chin protection head guard, suede leather lining. Si..
Performance HnJ Pad
Performance HnJ Pad:- Plated Buff leather HnJ Pad, curved design, covered hand. Size regular...
Performance Karate Shoes
Performance Karate Shoes:- Karate shoes, PU and netting...
Performance Kick Boxing Pads
Performance Kick Boxing Pads:- Punching shield made of economical leather. Sizes: 1. Small (13" tal..
Performance Kick Boxing Pads
Performance Kick Boxing HnJ Pad:- Square shaped HnJ Pad made in leather, specially designed for Kick..
Performance MMA Glove
Performance MMA Glove:- Foam padded, PU back, suede inner, elasticated palm and elasticated velcro w..
Performance Punching Glove
Performance Punching Glove:- Economical leather punching glove. Size XL, L, M...
Performance Speed Ball
Performance Speed Ball:- High velocity shine PU speed ball. Size 10”..
Performance Wrestling Shoes
Performance Wrestling Shoes:- Wrestling shoes, high ankle, PU and netting...
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